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Nazarlebi Depot 1

Nazarlebi Deposit 1 in situ

Nazarlebi Deposit 1 in situ

Nazarlebi Deposit 1 in situ

During the excavation of 2018 a bronze depot was found consisting of 484 objects. 457 of them were non-functional mock sword made of thin sheet metal. The remaining pieces consisted of a sword and a dagger, which probably formed a set, fourteen lance points, two implements with two points connected by a concave edge, a double axe and a miniature axe, a sickle, two arm rings and four round plates, some with holes for appliqué.On top of the deposit was an inverted cup, and at the other end, next to the deposit, a shell.

From the location of the entrance to the east, it follows that Deposit 1 was located at the other "end" to the west of the site. This also applies to the two deposits encountered in 2019.