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Tell Tawila (Nordost-Syrien)


The final publication for Tell Ṭawīla, the Wādī Ḥamar Survey, as well as an actual evaluation for Tell Halaf during the Halaf and Ubaid periods in North-eastern Syria is now published in printed version as follows: Jörg Becker: Tell Ṭawīla, Tell Ḥalaf und Wādī Ḥamar-Survey: Ḥalaf- und ‘Obēd-Zeit in Nordost-Syrien. Regionale Entwicklungen, Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede (mit Beiträgen von Kirsten Drüppel und Markus Helfert. (2 Bde.), published by bibliotheca neolithica Asiae meridionalis et occidentalis, ex oriente, Berlin (2015) ISSN 1616-9360 (bibliotheca neolithica Asiae meridionalis et occidentalis) ISBN 978-3-944178-08-0

Results about the Ḥalaf and 'Ubaid Periods in Northern Mesopotamia after the Excavations at Tell Ṭawīla and Tell Ḥalaf as well as the Wādī Ḥamar Survey (by Jörg Becker)

tawila_results_eng.pdf (externe Datei)